Peru Cayalluc Cutervo

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What do you get if you combine the efforts of five farmers that have small and dedicated coffee farms? One amazing cup of coffee! Their separate farms were a touch too small to export on their own, but together their cherries made this wonderful lot. They are part of a larger cooperation that focuses on education and reinvesting in the land and equipment, which shows because their cherries are an example for clean processing. We found juicy stone fruits, tart guava and sweet orange, yet all on a subtle and smooth base, making it a real easy drinker.

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  • Origin: Peru
  • Region: Cayalluc
  • Farms: La Palma, La Lima, El Pajuro, Los Cedros, El Cariñoso
  • Crop: 2023
  • Altitude: 1500-2100m
  • Variety: Mainly Caturra
  • Processing: Fully washed

A note from our supplier, Nordic Approach:

Located on the mountains of Cayalluc in Cutervo, Cajamarca, this coffee has been produced by a group of farmers devoted to cultivating specialty coffee. With their farms situated between 1500 and 2100 metres above sea level, the producers that contributed to this lot are the following:

Luterio Paredes Fernandez, Finca La Palma
Orlando Coronel Sanchez, Finca La Lima
Rimen Solano Coronel, Finca El Pajuro
Romer Alejandría Bustamante, Finca Los Cedros
Elquer Valdivia Perez, Finca El Cariñoso

These farmers are part of a larger group of producers that combine their knowledge and resources in sustainability, cultivation methods, and good farming practices. Together, they are able to raise the quality of coffee in the region and have subsequently earned international awards for their exceptional flavour profiles.

Aromas Del Valle, located in the Cajamarca Region of Northern Peru, transitioned from an association to a cooperative in 2021. With around 300 members, the cooperative aims to enhance representation, facilitate greater member participation, and provide improved access to funding. Their goal is to cultivate niche markets and actively engage in the coffee social movement at both national and international levels.

In our sourcing efforts, we focus on microlots, communal, or cooperative blends from the northern regions around Jaen and San Ignacio. Typically, the family-run farms range from 1 to 3 hectares, where producers handle the entire coffee production process, from harvesting to drying. Those participating in premium programs, like ours, often invest in production and hold parchment to create potential microlots or enhance community blends.

Aromas Del Valle incentivizes members with quality premiums and social programs, including education, reforestation, and microfinance through partners like Cafe Selva Norte. To guarantee the transparency of price, premiums, reimbursement, and other support to its associates, Cedros reaches agreements among its members in a general assembly, which is democratic and transparent. Distribution is approved by members and then disbursed accordingly.

Our coffee comes in craft paper bags which contain a plastic liner on the inside to guarantee freshness of our coffee. Please dispose properly at your local plastic trash container. The Village Coffee is roasted fresh every week, and best consumed within four weeks after roast date. Store your coffee in a dry, dark and cool place, avoid the fridge.


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Guava, Orange, Stone Fruits


Small (250 gr-8.8 oz), Medium (340 gr-12 oz), Large (1 kg-2.2 lb), Big bag (2,5 kg-5.5 lb)

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Ground for Espresso, Ground for Filter, Ground for French Press, Ground for Moka, Whole Beans