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For those who keep knocking over their inverted Aeropress while brewing and cannot deal with cleaning up the mess anymore: meet Prismo, your new best friend. Only starts dripping when you want it, so you have more control over the brewing process. Plus also opens up a whole new spectrum of Aeropress brewing under higher pressures. Thought you were done with experimenting Aeropress recipes? Not yet…

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Prismo is a pressure-actuated valve designed to be used with the AeroPress® Coffee Maker. This attachment allows for a build-up of pressure to brew espresso-style coffee and creates a no-drip seal for recipes that normally require inverting your AeroPress®.

To eliminate the need for paper filters, a reusable 150 micron etched filter stops sludge in its tracks and fits directly over your favorite espresso glass to “pull a shot” at home. Espresso-style, full-immersion, cold brew, hot/iced tea, Americanos, and more—endless recipes are just one plunge away!

Compatibility: Prismo is not compatible with the AeroPress® Go or any AeroPress® produced between 2005-2009

Warning: Please do not brew with Prismo over thin glass vessels. Prismo creates a great deal of pressure, and glass is fragile! When in doubt, use a ceramic or metal vessel.

AeroPress® Coffee Maker not included

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Polypropylene (body), silicone (valve), 150 micron etched fine stainless steel (filter)