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This coffee was roasted with espresso preparation in mind, yet it is suitable for filter usage when a heftier coffee is something you like.

The Outsider is our flagship espresso roast where we highlight the best an origin has to offer. Refreshed with the seasons, 4 times a year, to showcase the cream of the crop. Developed through a modern roast; displaying sweetness and a smooth acidity. Interesting for coffees with milk, but shines through straight shots and ristretto.

For the summer we found a beautiful lot from Peru: El Pajuro. Grown by Maria Esmilda and her three sons in the highlands of Huabal. With a deep sweetness reminiscent of peach, bright like red apple and with the depth of chocolate and caramel.

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An artist who doesn’t suck up to the tradition of art, who is either weird or self taught or just makes things the way they like.

The Outsider presents the best an origin in season has to offer, changed 4 times a year to stay fresh and curious.

This blend is the weapon of choice in our own cafes, fine tuned every day. We start with the following recipe:

  • Roughly 20 grams are used to extract 40 grams of liquid, this takes 32 – 38 seconds with 94 degrees celsius. 

This season’s flagship choice is a coffee from the El Pajuro farm in Peru.

  • Origin: Peru
  • Region: Huabal
  • Town: Sport Piura
  • Farm: El Pajuro
  • Farmer: Maria Esmilda
  • Crop: 2023
  • Altitude: 1830m
  • Variety: Caturra, Pache
  • Processing: Fully washed

A note from our supplier, Nordic Approach:

These coffees are from a small operation of the Alberca family. Maria and her 3 sons all have neighbouring farms, and they all deliver amazing qualities. The work together on the management on farm practices and post harvest processing. Maria’s farm, El Pajuro has 1 hectare planted with coffee, mainly Caturra and Pache. It is located at 1830 masl in Sport Piura.

Maria Esmilda and her sons are members of Cedros Cooperative. The coop was established in 2013, but it has just recently started to focus on quality and sustainability. Maria is one of a few producers that has invested in producing higher qualities, and her results are outstanding. Born in the San Luis de Lucma District, Cutervo, in 1954, Maria completed her primary education at Daniel Alcides Carrión Elementary School in San Luis de Lucma. She left formal schooling in order to support her parents in the field who were cattle and potato farmers. At the age of 22, she left her parents’ home to marry her “Prince Charming”, Ezequiel Chinguel. They were looking for a new life when she decided to dedicate herself to coffee, that’s when they moved to live in Sport Piura, in the district of Huabal. In 2017 Maria and her sons joined the Cooperativa de Servicios Multiples Cedros.

Their farms are located in a high altitude area with a favourable climate. Over time, they have implemented and improved their wet processing, drying methods as well as introducing various varieties of coffee which has led her to be a successful producer doing very high-quality coffees that currently cup 87 and up.

Cooperativa de Servicios Múltiples Cedros Café (Cedros) was created on May 10th, 2013. It is located in the Cajamarca Region of Northern Peru. The cooperative is fairly small with about 300 members, and was established in order to generate greater representation and participation among its members, to provide them with better access to public and private funding and to develop niche markets and become an active participant in the coffee social movement both at national and international levels. Cedros incentivises its members by paying premiums for cup quality, providing farm infrastructure such as solar dryers, implementing post harvest processing equipment like pulpers and fermentation tanks, and many other initiatives to improve cup quality. This assistance with infrastructure is accompanied by practical training.

Our coffee comes in craft paper bags which contain a plastic liner on the inside to guarantee freshness of our coffee. Please dispose properly at your local plastic trash container. The Village Coffee is roasted fresh every week, and best consumed within four weeks after roast date. We advice to rest our espresso coffees for 5 days before brewing. Store your coffee in a dry, dark and cool place, avoid the fridge.

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Taste Notes

Caramel, Chocolate, Fruity, Juicy, Red Apple, Stone Fruits

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Small (250 gr-8.8 oz), Medium (340 gr-12 oz), Large (1 kg-2.2 lb), Big bag (2,5 kg-5.5 lb)

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Ground for Espresso, Ground for Filter, Ground for French Press, Ground for Moka, Whole Beans