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This coffee was roasted with espresso preparation in mind, yet it is suitable for filter usage when a heftier coffee is something you like.

The Outsider is our ever changing seasonal blend for the more experienced Villager. Displaying a stretched espresso roast for sweetness with a smooth acidity. Interesting for coffees with milk, but mostly for straight shots and ristretto.

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An artist who doesn’t suck up to the tradition of art, who is either weird or self taught or just makes things the way they like.

This blend is sure to shake you up, fizzing with brightness yet still approachable. Experienced baristas will create a fruit punch of flavors with the Latin American part bringing grapes and stone fruits, and the African counterpart punches with heavy berries and citrus. Together these two deliver a juicy espresso, add milk to create a caffeinated warm vanilla milkshake. 

This season we combined 75% of the Primavera Family farmers’ crop from Guatemala  with 25% of beans from the famous Sidamo region in Ethiopia. This blend benefits of 5 days rest after roasting.  

This blend is our weapon of choice in own cafes, fine tuned every day by us we start with the following recipe:

Roughly 20 grams are used to extract 40 grams of liquid, this takes 32 – 35 seconds with 94 degrees celsius. 

Our coffee comes in craft paper bags which contain a plastic liner on the inside to guarantee freshness of our coffee. Please dispose properly at your local plastic trash container. The Village Coffee is roasted fresh every week, and best consumed within four weeks after roast date. Store your coffee in a dry, dark and cool place, avoid the fridge.

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Country of Origin

Ethiopia, Guatemala

Taste Notes

Berries, Citrus, Fruity, Grapes, Juicy, Stone Fruits

Processing Method



Small (250 gr-8.8 oz), Medium (340 gr-12 oz), Large (1 kg-2.2 lb), Big bag (2,5 kg-5.5 lb)

Grind Size

Ground for Espresso, Ground for Filter, Ground for French Press, Ground for Moka, Whole Beans