Nicaragua Nueva Segovia Santa Rojo

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We never really offer blends for filter, because we like to taste a specific terroir in its specialties. Yet sometimes it’s fun to have a blend from a couple neighbouring farms to have a very general taste of a bigger region. Here the blend was crafted for our importer, TSU, and it was so comforting and pleasant that we decided to offer it. It has calm flavors of raspberry and red apple with hints of cherry, all with an underlying caramel sweetness on a base of milk chocolate.

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  • Origin: Nicaragua
  • Region: Nueva Segovia
  • Farms: La Iguana, Las Brumas, Los Congos, La Portuguesa, La Española
  • Crop: 2023
  • Altitude: 1000-1700m
  • Variety: Yellow and red Caturra, villassarchi
  • Processing: Fully washed

A note from our supplier, This Side Up:

Los Congos, Las Brumas, La Iguana, La Española, and La Portuguesa are all located in Nueva Segovia, a well know coffee region surrounded by communities that have long benefited from coffee. The Paguaga family runs five coffee estates in this region and even managed to protect the mountaintops of their properties, proclaiming them a natural reserve. Rina and René aim to make their estates a model for other farmers in the region to follow, and they do so with a systematic approach. Soil is carefully analysed, and rigorous nutrition plans for the trees are executed throughout the year. They truly work for healthy, happy estates.

At Santa Lucila dry mill, the lots from these estates come in and are cupped and classified into taste categories. They then leave it to the customers, in this case This Side Up, to ask for a certain signature profile. We decided to recreate the two flavours of the blends we used to have in our previous partnership, and it ‘s remarkable how closely the Rojo and Amarillo blends conform to our wishes.

Our coffee comes in craft paper bags which contain a plastic liner on the inside to guarantee freshness of our coffee. Please dispose properly at your local plastic trash container. The Village Coffee is roasted fresh every week, and best consumed within four weeks after roast date. Store your coffee in a dry, dark and cool place, avoid the fridge.


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Caramel, Cherry, Milk chocolate, Raspberry, Red Apple


Small (250 gr-8.8 oz), Medium (340 gr-12 oz), Large (1 kg-2.2 lb), Big bag (2,5 kg-5.5 lb)

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Ground for Espresso, Ground for Filter, Ground for French Press, Ground for Moka, Whole Beans