Guatemala Huehuetenango Francisco Pablo Ramirez

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With Huehuetenango’s excellent growing conditions and the attentive farming of Francisco this year’s coffee crop shows outstanding results. We selected the cream of the crop for you and this is it’s result. Sparkling orange sweetness and acidity with deep caramel undertones.



  • Origin: Guatemala
  • Region: Huehuetenango
  • Washing station: Canalaj
  • Farmer: Fransisco Pablo Ramirez
  • Crop: 2020
  • Altitude: 1650-1750m
  • Variety: Caturra
  • Processing: Fully washed

A note from our supplier, Primavera:

Francisco Pablo Ramirez is a first-generation coffee producer in the town of Concepcion Huista in Huehuetenango region. He is part of an indigenous coffee producing community which originates from Mayas and speak an indigenous language Mam. The town of Concepcion Huista is called Canalaj in Mam which also is the name of Francisco’s farm.

During the harvest Francisco picks his coffee normally in three picking passes to ensure that only the correctly ripe cherries are picked. The cherries are depulped at the farm right after the picking and brought with horses to be fermented for 36 hours. The coffee is then washed and laid on the patio to dry for five days.

“We used to grow some basic grains on this land but through a bank loan we were able to buy coffee seedlings to start growing coffee. We have now been working with coffee for 8 years” “One of the best decisions I could have made was to become involved with coffee trade. It is the livelihood of my family and we also create employment for other people through our farm”, Francisco explains.

Huehuetenango (often called ‘Huehue’) is located in the west of Guatemala, on the border with Mexico, and trade across the border thrives. Huehuetenango was the ancient center of the Mam people, and their capital Zaculeu is preserved in the city; Popti speakers can also be found here. After defeating the Mam at Zaculeu, Spanish invaders forced many indigenous people to work in mines and on plantations in this region. 

Huehue is very remote and the roads in the region can be difficult; before flights from the city, reaching farms in this area used to take 8-10 hours of bumpy driving in the high mountains. But the altitude of this region, combined with the hot dry winds that blow over from Mexico’s Tehuantepec Plain, create excellent conditions for quality coffee here. Because of the altitudes and remoteness of the region, most farmers process their coffee at home rather than at a central wet mill. 

Over the years we have gained experience and knowledge about the area, farming practices and post-harvest processing, which has enabled us to empower and support the local farmers through trade and our agronomy program. We have become well known in the area, making a point to work with the new generation to create a more sustainable coffee industry in Huehue. Huehuetenango is known for beans with an intense and pleasant acidity, full body and delightful wine, floral and fruity notes. 

Our coffee comes in craft paper bags which contain a plastic liner on the inside to guarantee freshness of our coffee. Please dispose properly at your local plastic trash container. The Village Coffee is roasted fresh every week, and best consumed within four weeks after roast date. Store your coffee in a dry, dark and cool place, avoid the fridge.

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Taste Notes

Almonds, Brown Sugar, Candied Lime, Caramel, Orange Marmelade


Small (250 gr-8.8 oz), Medium (340 gr-12 oz), Large (1 kg-2.2 lb), Big bag (2,5 kg-5.5 lb)

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Ground for Espresso, Ground for Filter, Ground for French Press, Ground for Moka, Whole Beans